Service - Quality Control of Proteins

Proteome Factory offers the following standard analytical service portfolio for quality control of peptides, recombinant proteins, protein drugs and monoclonal antibodies.
Please contact us, if you need specific other protein analytical methods, advanced protein analysis, the development of new methods and techniques to fulfil your requirements.

Method Aim of analysis 
ESI-MS  Determination of molecular weight  
MALDI-MS  Determination of molecular weight; we recommend ESI-MS due to its superior resolution
MS analysis of monoclonal antibody  Determination of molecular weight of the light and heavy chain 
ESI-FTICR-MS   High resolution determination of molecular weight (accuracy in low ppm range) 
HPLC-ESI-MS Determination of protein mass of proteins containing salt or formulation buffer
SDS-PAGE  Determination of protein mass by using MW standard proteins in SDS-PAGE  
Edman Sequencing Confirmation of N-terminal protein sequence
Peptide Mapping  

Determination of molecular weight of proteins


Mass determination of a pure protein by ESI-MS
(replaces MALDI-MS thanks to its higher resolution)

Order No.  

price per sample [EURO]
standard service
(1-2 weeks)
1 - 2 samples S011001 250
3 - 9 samples S011003 200
10 and more samples S011010 180
Mass determination of proteins by HPLC-ESI-MS
(for large proteins and samples with salt or in formulation buffer;
if required incl. reduction/removal of N-linked glycans by PNGase F)

Order No.  

price per sample [EURO]
standard service
(1-2 weeks)
1 - 2 samples S021001 500
3 - 9 samples S021003 400
10 and more samples S021010 360
Express Service (2-3 days)   +50%
Next-Day Service (1 day)   +100%

Determination of amino acid sequence of proteins

Analysis Method Aim of Analysis Pricing
N-terminal sequencing   Analysis of the N-terminal amino acid sequence and homogenity of the N-terminus  see Edman sequencing
Protein sequencing  Analysis and validation of the primary amino acids sequence of complete proteins by mass spectrometry as well as N-terminal and internal Edman protein sequencing  On request 
Protein identification and peptide mapping  Conformation of protein identity and detectable peptides by nanoLC-ESI-MSMS after tryptic protein digest  see protein identification
Analysis of disulfid bridges  Conformation and determination of the position of disulfid bridges  On request 
Analysis of post-translation modifications  Detection and conformation of sequence position of post-translational modification  On request 

Determination of purity and impurities

Analysis Method Aim of Analysis Pricing
2D electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, western blot, MeCAT  Determination of homogenity and purity of a product or batch; detection and quantfication of isoforms and protein species   On request 
2D electrophresis and protein identification  Determination of homogenity and purity of a product or batch as well as identification of proteins, protein contaiminations and degradation products  On request 
Chromatography  Determination of homogenity and purity of protein and peptide products or batches  On request 
Bradford assay for protein concentration determination  Determination of protein concentration in a product or batch  On request 
MeCAT protein quantification by MeCAT labeling and ICP-MS  Absolute ultra sensitive and exact protein quantification in a product or batch  On request