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The Proteome Factory AG is a modern biotech company specialized in proteomics, protein analysis, target validation and bioinformatics. The proteomic key technology platform significantly increases the chances to identify new drug targets in emerging disease and biomarkers of disease state. Additionally, the finding of biomarkers significantly enhances the opportunities for individual disease treatment. The Proteome Factory AG has developed an R&D key technology platform in life sciences and biotechnology. This technology platform is continuously optimized regarding efficiency, quality, and quantity. Combination of the core technologies proteomics, protein analysis, target validation and bioinformatics enables Proteome Factory AG to offer most rapid and reliable analyses of all kind of protein containing samples including body fluids, cells, tissues, and plants. The innovative proteomics platform ensures high sensitive and simultaneous analyses of a vast amount of proteins.

Reverse-Proteomics (pharmaco proteomics) facilitates investigation of molecular mode of action and toxicology of drugs and other compounds. Utilization and development of modern bioinformatic technologies are most relevant to the Proteome Factory AG. Integrated data mining and processing enhance quality and speed of interpretation.

Beside high resolution 2D electrophoresis (up to 60x30 cm) latest gel-free LC-MS based techniques are applied to proteome analysis. In combination with new prefractionation techniques low abundant proteins can be analyzed allowing the identification of new high potential targets and biomarkers (e.g. by depletion of albumin from serum samples or analysis of albumin-bound proteins). Furthermore combination of de novo peptide sequencing by state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, HPLC, N-terminal protein and peptide sequencing allows Proteome Factory a reliable identification of post translational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation) and characterization of proteins’ primary structure.

The Proteome Factory AG has filed several patents for proteomic techniques. Selective Peptide Exclusion Chromatography (SPEC) allows a significant reduction of sample complexity while its content of information is not affected. Metal coded tagging (MeCAT) is a novel class of labeling reagents allowing quantitative multiplex analyses of several complex protein samples at the same time. First time MeCAT allows absolute quantification of proteins and biomolecules at a very sensitive level and a linear dynamic detection range of up to 9 orders of magnitude. Thus MeCAT is much more powerful than alternative techniques like stable isotope tagging.